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Endometrial Cancer Survival Rates


What Is the Survival Rate For Endometrial Cancer?
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What Is The Survival Rate For Endometrial Cancer?

Most cancer survival rates are based on the number of patients who are still alive 5 years after diagnosis. Of course many people go on to live much longer than this, and may even be cured, but it is still the standard way doctor’s talk about prognosis (outlook). There is a slight difference between 5-year survival rates and 5-year 'relative' survival rates. The first compares cancer patients with each other while the latter compares cancer patients with healthy people the same age. Relative survival rates are considered better for viewing the overall impact of the cancer because a patient’s likelihood of dying from another cause (such as another disease or unfortunate accident) compared to the general population will also be taken into account. When all types of endometrial cancer cases are combined the 5-year relative survival rate is about 83 percent.

Most of these cases are diagnosed at an early stage and have a 5-year survival rate of 96 percent. Remember these statistics only give an overall picture. Every woman's cancer is unique to her so these figures cannot predict what will happen in individual cases.

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5-Year Survival Rates For Endometrial Adenocarcinoma: By Cancer Stages

Nearly all cancers of the uterus start in the endometrium (the inner lining of the womb). The most common form of uterine cancer (nearly 80 percent of cases) is endometrioid carcinoma or adenocarcinoma. The figures below are based on women diagnosed between 2000 and 2002 with endometrial adenocarcinoma and are derived from the National Cancer Database.

Stage: 0
Abnormal endometrial hyperplasia or carcinoma in situ is evident. Some scientists describe this as the pre-cancer stage.
Survival Rate: 90 percent

Stage: 1A
Cancer is limited to the lining of the uterus (endometrium).
Survival Rate: 88 percent

Stage 1B
Cancer has spread to the inner half the myometrium muscle layer of the uterus.
Survival Rate: 75 percent

Stage 2
Cancer tumor has spread from the body of the uterus to the cervix, but not outside the uterus.
Survival Rate: 69 percent

Stage 3A
Cancer has spread beyond the uterus and invades the outer surface of the uterus, and/or fallopian tubes and ovaries.
Survival Rate: 58 percent

Stage 3B
Cancer has spread to the vagina.
Survival Rate: 50 percent

Stage 3C
Cancer has invaded the lymph nodes around the uterus.
Survival Rate: 47 percent

Stage 4A
Cancer has spread beyond the pelvis to the bladder and/or bowels.
Survival Rate: 17 percent

Stage 4B
Cancer has spread to other parts of the body including the abdomen and/or groin lymph nodes.
Survival Rate: 15 percent

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5-Year Relative Survival Rates for Uterine Carcinosarcoma

Uterine carcinosarcoma (CS) is another type of cancer that starts in the endometrium. It is much rarer than endometrial adenocarcinoma and highly aggressive. The following are the 5-year survival rates of the disease. They have been sourced from the SEER program rather than the National Cancer Institute. The stages are based on an older system of staging, so are not quite as useful. More recently for example what was traditionally considered stage 3 might now be considered stage 1 or 2. For this reason it may be harder for a woman today to apply the statistics to her own situation.

Uterine Carcinosarcoma Survival Rates

Stage: 1
Survival Rate: 70 percent

Stage: 2
Survival Rate: 45 percent

Stage: 3
Survival Rate: 30 percent

Stage: 4
Survival Rate: 15 percent.

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