Can Prediabetes Be Reversed?

reversing prediabetes diagnosis
Can You Reverse Pre-Diabetes?

Yes, in many cases it is possible to reverse a prediabetes diagnosis IF you are prepared to make some serious lifestyle changes. There are very few diseases or conditions which we have the power to cure ourselves, you are lucky that this is one of them! If you've just been diagnosed with prediabetes, you may be feeling shocked or even a little scared - particularly if your doctor has discussed the possible consequences. According to results from one large-scale study called the Diabetes Prevention Program, every year after diagnosis you have an 11 percent chance of developing type 2 diabetes. And although you are not likely at this stage to develop diabetes complications such as eye disease or kidney damage, you are at greater risk of developing a stroke or heart attack compared to those with normal blood sugar levels. So how can you reverse prediabetes?

Well, a person with prediabetes has high levels of sugar in their blood - if you measured your blood sugar before eating it would be in the region of 100-125 mg/dl (5.5-7 mmol/L). A person with normal healthy blood sugar is less than 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/L). Your aim is to reduce it consistently to this level. For more details see, what is a normal blood sugar count?

4 Step Program To Reversing Prediabetes

1. Lose 5 to 7 percent of your total bodyweight. So if you weigh 200 pounds, that works out at about 10 to 14 pounds of weight loss. To make things easier, consider joining an an online weight loss program, or a program in your area. Finding support will make this journey much easier.
2. Exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week (total of 150 minutes of exercise). Ideally choose an aerobic exercise that builds up a light sweat such as fast walking, swimming or cycling. See diabetes prevention for more details.
3. To lose weight, follow a Low GI (Glycemic Index) Diet, which includes a good mixture of lean protein and healthy carbs to help balance blood sugar levels. Include plenty of fiber in your diet as it helps to slow down the rate of sugar absorption into the bloodstream.
4. Regularly monitor your blood sugar levels to check for signs of improvement. See our articles on glucose monitors, and blood glucose monitoring.

As prediabetes is usually linked to lifestyle choices - if you follow the above 4 steps, you may very well be able to reverse your diagnosis within a matter of months.

Prediabetes and Alcohol
According to results from the Diabetes Prevention Program, you have less risk of developing full-blown diabetes if you drink moderate amounts of alcohol (wine, beer, spirits and liquor). We suspect you may find this a little easier to follow! Drinking in moderation is defined as 1 drink a day for women and 2 for men. Of course, if you don't usually drink, this isn't a prescription to start!

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