How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant After Stopping The Pill?

time taken to fall pregnant after stopping the pill
How Long Does It Take To Fall Pregnant After Stopping The Birth Control Pill?

About 50 percent of women who are trying for a baby become pregnant within 3 months of stopping the Pill (and 20 percent within the first month). The Pill prevents pregnancy by stopping ovulation (the release of an egg during a monthly menstrual cycle). If there is no egg, the woman can't get pregnant. When she stops taking the Pill, ovulation starts up again. With some women, this process is instantaneous, with others; there might be a slight delay. Usually women who have already had children become pregnant the fastest. Next women aged 25 to 29 who never had children might experience a slight delay and finally women aged over 30 who never had children can experience the longest delay.

When It Doesn't Happen After 12 Months
If you are trying for a baby and have not become pregnant after 12 months (or after 6 months if you are aged over 35), it may be worth talking to a doctor about fertility tests. The Pill does not cause infertility, in fact one study in 2002 showed that prolonged use of the pill seemed to speed up conception in women trying for a baby, rather than slowing it down. If you are having problems conceiving, it suggests another underlying factor, unrelated to previous use of the Pill. While most infertility 'issues' resolve themselves, if you are still not pregnant after 18 months and have a regular menstrual cycle and have tried increase your fertility naturally, you may need to consider infertility treatment.

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Our Readers: How Long Did It Take You To Get Pregnant After Stopping The Pill?

We thought it might take a while for me to get pregnant because I was over 30. Turned out that not only did I pregnant within 2 weeks but my body decided it was 'party-time'. After being on the Pill for years, it released 2 eggs instead of one and now I have twins.
Lynette, Canada

When I stopped taking Yasmin after being on it for a year, I got my period back straight away and we conceived 2 months later.
Marcey, Georgia

I went off Seasonale birth control after 3 years, and my period started straight away. It took us about 6 months to fall pregnant, but we ended up with an awesome bouncy baby boy!
Marcia, Palo Alto

Note: Seasonale is one of the newer birth control pills which is taken for months at a time without the traditional break. It means the woman only get 4 periods a year instead of 12.

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