How Many Pelvic Floor Exercises Should You Do A Day?

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How Many Kegels Should I Do A Day?

Some programs will tell you to perform 10 kegels a day, whereas others will tell you 50. Confused? No need to be. In reality, both may amount to the same thing. This is because the first program will tell you to contract your muscle 10 times, and hold it for 10 seconds, whereas the second program may tell you to contract 50 times, but only hold for 2 seconds. With both methods you end up contracting your muscles for a total of 100 seconds. So, when working out how many kegels you should be doing, it might just be easier to measure the time involved. Ideally, aim for 5 minutes, twice a day, every day (including weekends).

In our question, how do you do pelvic floor exercises? we explain two simple routines which you can follow. Choose either of these routines and carry out twice a day (7 days a week). Each session should be completed in 5 minutes, so it is easy to incorporate into even the busiest of schedules. Do your first session in the morning when you wake and again last thing at night before going to bed.

When Should I Expect Improvement In My Symptoms?

If you are doing Kegels to improve symptoms of a condition, such as urinary incontinence or a low libido in menopause, you should expect to see an improvement within 6 to 12 weeks. It is often recommended as part of the hysterectomy recovery process for women who have undergone this major surgery. The more regularly you exercise, the quicker the results. Once you achieve the results you are looking for, you can reduce your routine to 3 times a week. This will keep the muscles in shape. If however you start to experience problems again, you may need to go back to 7 times a week.

Remember, Kegels are safe for women of all ages and pregnant women throughout the three trimesters. So no matter if you are postmenopause or expecting a baby, you will benefit from practicing them. Pregnant women should always discuss new routines if they are unsure about anything with their pregnancy healthcare team.

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