What Are The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia?

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Do I Have Fibromyalgia?

So you regularly ache all over your body, but how do you really know if you have fibromyalgia? People with fibromyalgia symptoms can have pain which escalates from mild to severe at different times. It might be difficult to pinpoint the pain, and it feels like every muscle in your body is aching. Fibromyalgia pain is always chronic which means although the severity of the pain fluctuates, it is nearly always there. But because there is no obvious cause or location, you might feel like it is all in your head. In fact this is why so many people wait so long before receiving a fibromyalgia diagnosis (the average person takes 5 years to get diagnosed).

Take The Symptoms Test

If you answer yes to the first question and can answer yes to two or more of the remaining questions, you could very well have fibromyalgia. Talk to your doctor and ask him to carry out an examination. If you are not happy with the result (as ridiculous as it sounds, some doctors persist in believing that it isn't a real condition), get a second opinion. The sooner you start fibromyalgia treatment, the sooner you can get your life back.

Top 10 Signs Of Fibromyalgia

1. Do you have a lot of pain when the fibromyalgia tender points are pressed?
These are sensitive spots in the body, located near the joints, which hurt when pressed with a finger. There are 18 charted tender points, 11 of which must be painful for a diagnosis to be made.
2. Do you feel like you have an all over body flu which does not go away?
3. Do you have an all over body pain for at least 3 months? See also, why do I ache all over?
4. Do you have trouble sleeping more than 3 nights a week?
The vast majority of sufferer's have sleeping problems, many even have insomnia.
5. Do people say you look unwell?
They may say you look pale and strained most of the time.
6. Do you feel constantly exhausted?
While most people are tired by the end of the week, people with this condition often have an all-encompassing tiredness which consumes them completely.
7. Do you feel like you are forgetting things? Worried that Alzheimer’s is setting in, but you are too young to experience it?
This may be what is termed 'fibro-fog', an inability to focus and short term memory loss. You may even wonder if you have attention deficit disorder (ADD).
8. Do you frequently turn down social occasions because you know you will be too exhausted or in too much pain to attend?
9. Have you started to feel depressed or down a lot lately?
Feeling depressed and anxious about a lack of energy and constant pain is also quite typical. Not surprising really!
10. Do you suffer frequent headaches?
Frequent headaches and even bouts of migraine seem to be common in fibro patients.
11. One extra question: Your doctor may ask if you have suffered any severe physical trauma (such as a car accident) or emotional trauma (such as a death of a loved one). To read more about this subject, see can an accident or trauma trigger fibromyalgia?


If you do receive a diagnosis, make sure that your doctor keeps an accurate record of your symptoms and how they develop. This information will be critical if you need to apply for disability allowance down the line. Read more at: Can I go on disability for fibromyalgia?

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