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Photos and Videos Prenatal Scan
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Photos and Videos Prenatal Scan

There are many fetal imaging centers across America and Europe which specialize in producing 4D videos or 3D 'portraits’ of fetuses (images). Using ultrasound technology, these 'keepsake' images show facial features, fingers, toes, movement and the gender of the baby (if requested). You may find birthing centers also offer the service. Many parents enjoy having these images for their family collection album and the videos are popular early mementos. However, one potential issue is that there is still not enough is known about repeated exposure to pregnancy ultrasound scans, and it could be possible that problems may be highlighted in the future. Additionally as staff in these centers are not usually OB/GYNs, they are not trained to spot potential problems. In response most fetal imaging centers state that their service is not intended to replace a routine prenatal care ultrasound carried out by a healthcare worker to confirm expected due date, screen for fetal anomalies and other pregnancy difficulties. During an elective 3D or 4D ultrasound, diagnostic exams are usually limited to fetal heart rate, location and gender identification. Basically, they are carried out more for keepsake reasons, and should not be considered a substitute for a medical diagnostic ultrasound.

What Do Fetal Imaging Centers Offer?

Often centers allow whole families to attend a scan session (10-12 people). Mother-to-be can leave with a digital photo album with black and white and glossy color images (also known as sonogram pictures) of her developing baby. In addition she is usually offered a DVD (20-30 minutes), set to complimentary music - the first home movie involving the new baby! Gender determination from 15 weeks is usually offered, along with the chance to listen to the baby's heart beat. A typical package, including photos and DVD can cost anywhere between $150 and $300 (£140-£200 in UK and about €300 in Europe).

When Are Scans Carried Out?

3D and 4D scans can be carried out in any of the pregnancy trimesters. However, the most 'photogenic' results can best be obtained between weeks 26 to 30 when the fetus is in entering the third trimester of pregnancy. Scans of multiple pregnancies are best carried out between weeks 22 and 27. The results are dependent on the position of the baby, amniotic fluid levels and placenta location. Occasionally the baby may lie in a difficult position which will limit the visualization of some structures. If this happens and suitable images are not obtainable you are usually invited back for another appointment without extra cost.

What Is A Gender Determination Scan?

Many clinics include this service in an overall package, but it may also be offered separately. An ultrasound from week 18 onwards should be able to determine the gender of your baby with approximately 98% accuracy. For about $150 (€140 in Europe) you will be provided with an ultrasound report and glossy prints of your baby. More importantly you will know if it is a boy or a girl! See: costs of prenatal care.

Other Scans Available

Additionally some clinics offer a range of medical scans including:

1. Nuchal Scan: Increases the detection rate of Down syndrome and other major chromosomal abnormalities from 50 percent to more than 95 percent. Carried out at week 12.
2. Anatomy Scan: Detailed scan for parents looking for reassurance on earlier screen test. Carried out around week 20.
3. Well Baby Scan: To see if the baby is feet-first, buttocks first (breech), side-on (transverse) or at an angle (oblique) presentation.
4. Third trimester ultrasound scan: Not routine, usually only recommended if there may be an issue with mom or baby.

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