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The following is an extensive list of books, research papers and studies on cancer as well as some cancer clinical trial results. These resources look at the biology of the disease, what causes it and what does not. There is information on treatment options, both medical and complimentary; how to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and how to survive cancer by eating a healthy diet and staying positive. We also include a selection of books for kids, how to cope with parents with cancer and other general cancer survival guides.

General Resources On Cancer

ACSs Complete Guide to Colorectal Cancer, American Cancer Society.
After Cancer: A Guide to Your New Life. Harpham, W S. Harper Perennial, 1995.
Cancer: A Positive Approach by Hilary Thomas and Karol Sikora (Thorsons, UK/USA, 1995).
Cancer and Complementary Therapies (BACUP, 1994).
Cancer and Nutrition by Rosy Daniel and Sandra Goodman (Bristol Cancer Help Centre, 1994).
Cancer Care by Jill David (Chapman & Hall, UK/USA,1995).
Cancer Doesn't Have to Hurt. Haylock, P J and Curtiss, C. P / Hunter House, 1997.
Cancer: What Causes It, What Doesn't. American Cancer Society. Read also: causes of cancer.
Choices in Healing. Lerner, M. Cambridge MIT, 1994.
Choices: The New, Most Up-to-date Source book for Cancer Information M. Morra and E. Potts, Avon Books, 1994.
Complementary Care and Cancer (CancerLink, 1993).
CURE Magazine: Cancer Updates, Research and Education. A magazine for patients and their caregivers. Individual subscription $20 (USA). Subscription information:
Diagnosis Cancer: Your Guide Through The First Few Months by Wendy Schlessel Harpham, 1997.
Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy, Fourth Edition. By M. Dollinger, E. Rosenbaum, Cable, Andrews and McMeel, 2002.
Facing Forward Series. Life After Cancer Treatment. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute. NCI Publication No. 02-2424, 2002.
Lymphedema: Understanding and Managing Lymphedema After Cancer Treatment; American Cancer Society.
Ovarian tumors that complicate pregnancy. Journal of Reproductive Medicine 44:279-87, March 1999. By P. Wang.
QuickFACTSTM Advanced Cancer, American Cancer Society.
QuickFACTSTM Bone Metastasis, American Cancer Society.
QuickFACTSTM Colorectal Cancer, Second Edition American Cancer Society.
QuickFACTSTM Lung Cancer, American Cancer Society.
QuickFACTSTM Thyroid Cancer, American Cancer Society.
The Cancer Atlas (available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese) American Cancer Society.
The Tobacco Atlas (available in English, Spanish, French) American Cancer Society.
Understanding Cancer by Edith Rudinger, Consumers' Association, 1986.
When Bad Things Happen to Good People. H. Kushner, Avon Publishing, 1997.

Cancer Treatment

Complementary Cancer Therapies: Combining Traditional and Alternative Approaches for the Best Possible Outcome. D. Labriola, Prima Health, 2000.
Comprehensive Cancer Care: Integrating Alternative, Complementary, and Conventional Therapies. J.S. Gordon and S. Curtin, Perseus Publishing, 2000.
Coping with Chemotherapy N. Bruning, Avery Penguin Putnam, 2002.
Handbook of Oncology Nutrition. Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association 1999.
Living Well with Cancer: A Nurse Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Managing the Side Effects of Your Treatment. K. Moore and L. Schmais,Putnam's Sons, 2001.
Restored Harmony: An Evidence Based Approach for Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Complementary Cancer Care. S.M. Sagar, Dreaming Dragonfly Communications, 2001.
Something's Got to Taste Good Graham and Loner, Andrews & McMeel, 1981.
The Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival Guide, J. McKay and N. Hirano, New Harbinger Publications, 1998.

Additional Resources
Cancer Treatment: Description of main types of treatment and when they are used.
Cancer Diet Foods: Miracle foods that help fight cancer and aid recovery.
Books on Breast Cancer: Specific list of books associated with cancer of the breasts.
Alternative Treatments For Cancer: Natural remedies and complimentary treatments.
Cancer Surgery: Procedures and prognosis discussed.
Does Cancer Hurt? Discussing the reality of pain.
Cancer Surgery Recovery: How long the recovery process takes.

Practical Guides To Surviving Cancer

A Cancer Survivor's Almanac: Charting Your Journey. B. Hoffman, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. Chronimed Publishing, 2003.
ACSs Guide to Pain Control: Understanding and Managing Cancer Pain American Cancer Society.
Can Survive: The Challenge of Life after Cancer. S. Nessim and J. Ellis, Houghton Mifflin Co., 2000.
Cancer Care giving A to Z: An At-Home Guide for Patients and Families, American Cancer Society.
Cancer Treatments Your Insurance Should Cover (pamphlet). Available as a download from the Association of Community Cancer Centers,
Caregiving: A Step-by-Step Resource for Caring for the Person with Cancer at Home American Cancer Society.
Couples Confronting Cancer: Keeping Your Relationship Strong, American Cancer Society.
Eating Well, Staying Well During and After Cancer, American Cancer Society.
How Women Can Finally Stop Smoking. R. Klesges and M. DeBon, Hunter House, 1994.
Positive Options for Living with Your Ostomy. C.A. White, Hunter House, 2002.
Social Work in Oncology: Supporting Survivors, Families, and Caregivers, American Cancer Society.
The Ostomy Book. B.D. Mullan and K.A. McGinn, Bull Publishing, 1992.
What Cancer Survivors Need to Know About Health Insurance. K.J. Calder and K. Pollitz, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, 1998.
What Helped Get Me Through: Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom and Hope American Cancer Society.
When the Focus Is on Care: Palliative Care and Cancer American Cancer Society.

Kids Books On Cancer

Because . . . Someone I Love Has Cancer: Kids' Activity Book by American Cancer Society (2002).
Butterfly Kisses and Wishes: When someone you love has cancer, a hopeful, helpful book for kids. Ellen McVicker and Nanci Hersh, 2006.
Cancer in the Family: Helping Children Cope with a Parents Illness. Joan Hermann, 2009.
Helping Your Children Cope with Cancer: A Guide for Parents. Peter Van Dernoot, Madelyn Case, 2006.
Nowhere Hair: Explains cancer and chemo to your kids (children) by Sue Glader and Edith Buenen (2010).
Our Family Has Cancer Too by Christine Clifford (2002).
Talking with My Treehouse Friends about: An Activity Book for Children of Parents with Cancer by Peter Van Dernoot (2007).
The Great Katie Kate Tackles Questions About Cancer by M. Maitland DeLand (2010).
The Hope Tree: Kids Talk About Breast Cancer by Laura Numeroff, Wendy Schlessel Harpham and David M. McPhail (2001).
What Is Cancer Anyway?: Explaining Cancer to Children of All Ages by Karen L. Carney (1998).
When a Parent Has Cancer: A Guide to Caring for Your Children by Wendy Schlessel Harpham (2004).
When a Parent Has Cancer: A Guide to Caring for Your Children.
When Someone You Love Has Cancer: A Guide to Help Kids Cope. Elf-Help Books for Kids, by W. Alley 2005.
When Your Mom Has Cancer: Helping Children Cope at Home and Beyond by Maryann Makekau, Derek K Makekau and L. Rebecca Baskin MD (2010).
Get Better! Communication Cards for Kids & Adults American Cancer Society.

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